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6 Ways to Prepare for an Open House

Jason Cohen has operated out of his home city of Pittsburgh for over a decade as a real estate professional. During that time, he founded the informal real estate advising group, Jason Cohen Pittsburgh, which offers feedback to real estate professionals who need...

Do You Know How to Spot a Shady Contractor?

The first building Jason Cohen bought in Pittsburgh wasn’t particularly luxurious – but to Jason, it had potential. He knew that he could refurbish and turn a profit on it if he sank funds into a remodel, but he had neither the time nor skills to complete the repairs it required by himself. Cohen needed a contractor he could trust to do the job well on-schedule, and within the tight budget that he could afford.


This is┬áJason Cohen’s first blog post on his site dedicated to business insights he’s cultivated as a real estate investor and entrepreneur in the Pittsburgh area and beyond. Stay tuned!