Whether you’re a real estate investor trying to create a diverse portfolio or a family looking to make a happy home, it’s important to cast your net wide. The real estate market can fluctuate wildly, and picking the right place to buy a home can have a major effect not just on how much you’ll pay now but also how well you can expect your investment to grow.

Those looking to make a savvy investment may want to look towards Pittsburgh. George Hackett, president of Coldwell Banker Real Estate Services in Pittsburgh, remarks that home sales have been “extraordinary” for 2018, citing a ten percent increase in home sale closings over the past year.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania isn’t the most booming market in the United States. It’s currently rated as the twenty-second most populous city in the country, but that can be seen as a positive given the long-term history of the city. The collapse of the city’s reputation as the steel manufacturing capital of the country presaged a nosedive for Pittsburgh’s economy, but today it’s seen as undergoing something of a renaissance.

Pittsburgh has been drawing in national tech companies like Uber and Apple, and with that comes both an influx of new residents and a higher standard of living. The sudden growth of industry in the city brings with it new investments in luxury boutiques and an aggressive push to make more appealing and livable spaces in the once-floundering metropolis.

Further bolstering this economic boom is a new initiative by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. They’ve recently announced plans to build a $200 million immunology center that could draw in scientists and medical professionals from around the world.

And while it’s easy to speak in anecdotes about a city’s health, these particular anecdotes come backed by some respectable numbers. Home prices have increased on average by almost eleven percent in the past year, putting the new median home price at $142,800. While that’s a significant increase, it still puts pricing well below the national median of $216,700. That leaves prospective homeowners in a promising position.

The wealth of investments being made means that the bubble is likely to burst anytime soon, and a smart investor can still get in on the ground floor before the market stabilizes. Just keep in mind that pricing could stabilize in the near future. The number of home listings has decreased by 3% in the past year, meaning that the most profitable opportunities may not last much longer.