The state of Pennsylvania was instrumental in the development of the United States. Many monumental events took place here, including the writing and signing of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Farms, orchards and forests decorate the landscape. During the fall, visitors from miles around arrive to enjoy the picturesque colors. The state also has more than one dozen cities deemed to be the safest places to live.

Northampton Township

The community lies to the east of Philadelphia and close to the southeastern border of the state. Northampton is a quaint little town with a population of 39,541 and tops the safest scale with a rating of 90.97. Amenities found here include athletic fields, a free library, a nature center and parks along with golf courses and shopping districts.

Haverford Township

The historic community of Haverford is also within close proximity to Philadelphia in the southeastern region of the state. The town’s population of 49,011 enjoy a safety rating of 87.73. William Penn bought the land here in 1681, and the Quakers established the community. The quiet location boasts more than 30 parks and open spaces that include hiking and jogging trails.

State College

The municipality of State College is home to a satellite campus of the University of Pennsylvania and lies in the heart of the state. The town’s population of 57,710 delight in the safety rating of 86.6. The nearby Appalachian Mountains and forests provide a wealth of outdoor activities in the college town. The pleasant atmosphere of the community earned it the nickname of “Happy Valley.”

Lower Merion Township

The community also has a history that dates back to the 17th century and was founded close to the southeastern border of the state. The township is home to 58,369 residents and has a safety rating of 85.57. The Schuylkill River forms the eastern border and the local forests are ideal for catching a glimpse of wildlife. Residents enjoy an abundance of educational opportunities, health care facilities, dining and shopping choices.

Manheim Township

The community lies in the southeastern region of the state and has a population of 39,614 along with a safety rating of 85.41. Manheim was established in the early years of the 18th century and has a number of historic sites. The Boettcher House Museum and the nearby Landis Woods are local favorites.