Jason Cohen, Pittsburgh-based entrepreneur and real estate investor, has spent over a decade steadily growing his presence as an expert in his local market. He is a licensed Associate Broker with the Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission and has worked in various other parts of the United States as well, including the Midwest.

Since he graduated with a degree in Finance back in 2002, Jason has combined his education, experience, and work ethic to become a leading figure in the industry. At once independently successful and yet passionate about collaborating with others, he is the head of Jason Cohen Pittsburgh, a group of real estate enthusiasts committed to helping others invest in real estate.

What is Jason Cohen Pittsburgh?

Jason Cohen Pittsburgh was created as a forum to evaluate, collaborate and effectuate JV and other partnership opportunities with friends and family and others interested in real estate investing with a niche focus in multifamily. The unique function of the group allows each member to help one another in making the right decisions for their specific investment processes.

Meanwhile Jason Cohen himself has dozens of assets (reclamation properties) throughout some of the most popular neighborhoods in Pittsburgh.


South Side


Squirrel Hill




Mt. Lebanon




Regent Square

Although Jason Cohen has excelled in Pittsburgh and beyond, he is the first to admit that it was not an easy path to success. He started off humbly by investing in cheap, dilapidated properties throughout Pittsburgh. With limited funds, he could only make limited repairs. However, this did not dissuade him — in fact, it did the opposite! Jason kept researching high-potential locales and sinking his small profits into new properties, determined to grow both his knowledge and his resources. He eventually was able to purchase properties in thriving areas and make extensive repairs on them, which he does to this day. He also eventually took an entrepreneurial leap: he founded Jason Cohen Pittsburgh.

Jason Cohen Pittsburgh now provides crucial insights and advice for a variety of investment opportunities, from first-time home purchases to multi-million dollar community acquisitions. Jason himself continues to grow his assets in the area and pass his knowledge to prospective investors. He considers himself a lifelong learner and he has previously been involved in organizations such as:

This blog will share Jason Cohen Pittsburgh’s insights on entrepreneurship, business growth and development, and more.